Mount Olive Lutheran Church

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If you would like more information on our church, or what we believe, we would certainly appreciate you emailing, calling or even faxing us at:

828-464-2407 - Phone
828-464-2419 - Fax

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church
2103 Mt. Olive Church Road
Newton, NC 28658

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Ralph A. Abernethy III
Phone: 828-234-4590

Diana Moose
Phone: 828-464-2407

Parish Planning Counil

The Parish Planning Council consists of the President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, the Chairman of the Elders, and the heads of the various Administrative Boards. They serve as liason between the Pastor, the Officers of the congregation, and the Administrative Boards in planning the total work of the church.

Shannon Huffman

Annie Lee Sigmon
Phone: 828-464-2916

Chairman, Properties
George (Robin) Goforth
Phone: 828-428-6020

Chairman, Education
Bonnie Foxx

Chairman, Evangelism
Steve Foxx

Chairman, Stewardship
Cathy Sigmon

About Our Admistrative Boards


This Board is responsible to plan, administer, direct and supervise the total education program of this congregation. In doing so, the Board determines policies relating to all educational agencies of the congregation selects personnel to administer the agencies and provides the necessary means and facilities for the conduct of programs.


This Board is responsible to bring the Gospel to the unchurched and to deepen their faith and activity and properly account for all souls in this congregation, enlisting all God's people in that work of spreading the Gospel. This Board is also responsible for the strengthening of the fellowship in Christ between congregation members both spiritually and socially, the integration of new members into the life of the congregation, and to the general building of mutual cooperation, trust and enjoyment among the members of the congregation.


The board is responsible for, among other things, accounting the contributions of members, oversight of church accounts, evaluating the offerings of the congregation and sharing these evaluations with the congregation and the Parish Planning Council, and reviewing the budgeting procedures of the congregation and recommending any necessary improvements.

Church Properties

This Board is responsible for the proper maintenance and repair of church property. The Board represents the congregation in all legal matters and is responsible for the general protection of the congregation against loss or damage of whatever nature.

Board of Lay Ministry (Elders)

This Board serves as overseers of all congregational activities and is particularly responsible for the spiritual welfare of the Pastor and the congregation. To this end they are responsible for everything pertaining to congregational worship.